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Contributing guidelines

CERN Search as a Service is based on the CERN Search RESTful API. It is an Open Source project and therefore, you and everyone can contribute to it! Even more, we encourage you to do so!

Did you find a problem?

If you have encounter a problem please open an issue here, including the following details so we can reproduce and fix it.

  • Version (i.e. git tag)
  • Instructions to reproduce the error:
    • Environment configuration (ES version, SQL technology and version, configuration variables values, etc.)
    • Query that generated the error.
    • CERN Search RESTful API response.
    • Stacktracke if possible. (If it generated an Elasticsearch error please add it too).

Do you want to contribute?

If you want to contribute, first inform us about what you are planning to develop to avoid duplicating efforts and incompatibilities. You can do so by opening an issue here or through our Mattermost channel.

Afterwards open a merge request.

  • The title should be in the form of "affected module: brief description", all in lowercase, except initials (e.g. OCR for Optical Character Recognition). The affected module refers to the part that you changed, for example: jsonschemas, mappings, docker, search, permissions, etc. You can check this in the git history (After version v0.6.0). The description should be brief, meaning that the total message including the affected module should not overpass 60 characters (We understand this is not always possible).
  • In the description, explain the change and give details about why is it necessary and how did you test it.
  • Try to be consistent and squash commits to make changes atomic, meaning that all related changes should be in one commit.